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Limited time offer from Sugarsync where any upgrade or new personal account is 15% off.

Access All Your Files Anywhere, Anytime! Get 15% Off any Subscription at

One of the perks of having a SugarSync account is that you can easily share files and folders with anyone you want. Whether you want to share one file, or an entire folder, the process is easy and only takes a few simple clicks! With SugarSync you can:

Share Public Links: Create a public link for any file and share it through any social media platform. Recipients don’t have to register to download the file!

Collaborate with shared folders: Simplify team projects by giving everyone access to a shared folder on your computer. You won’t have to worry about everyone not having the most recent version of a file!

Sync folders: Any member of a team can sync a shared folder so they have it on their computer. Any updates are saved immediately across all folders!

Apply folder and password protection: Custom folder sharing allows you to designate files that can be edited, or are “Read-Only.” An optional password provides added security!


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