Dropbox + SafeCopy = Great Backup and Sync

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The fact that you have to have backups for your files and data, especially if they’re important ones, is beyond question. But what is the safest and most convenient way of backing up your data? Online backuphas seen a tremendous increase in popularity and for good reason.

It is so interesting how well SafeCopy and Dropbox can work togethere.

SafeCopy Backup provides a generous amount of storage to backup all of your computers. You pick which folders to backup and SafeCopy automatically backs them up and monitors or changes.

Dropbox provides a limited amount of storage to easily share and sync folders with friends and co-workers. There is a single Dropbox folder and only the folders and files you put inside this folder can be synced and shared.

Dropbox Free 2GB Plan + SafeCopy 200GB Plan = Great sync and backup solution.

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Free Plans 2GB + 250MB by invitation 3GB + 500MB by invitation
Paid Plans $9.90 per month for 50GB$19.90 per month for 100GB $50 US per year for 200GB
Space 100GB maximum 500GB maximum
Backup You can backup only one folder. You can backup all the folders you want.
Sync Excelling in syncing a folder to multiple users. Does not sync folders, but does backup multiple computers to a shared account.
Archiving, when you delete a file from your computer. The files only remain online for 30 days. If you delete a file from your computer, you will find it on SafeCopy forever, unless you manually delete it.
Languages Available in English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese. Available in 15 languages

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