SafeCopy Backup

Dropbox + SafeCopy = Great Backup and Sync

The fact that you have to have backups for your files and data, especially if they’re important ones, is beyond question. But what is the safest and most convenient way of backing up your data? Online backuphas seen a tremendous increase in popularity and for good reason. It is so interesting how well SafeCopy and […]

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SafeCopy backup releases 3.0 for Windows

Current Release SafeCopy backup has upgraded from 2.0 to 3.0 for windows and changes in this version include: Version 3.0 Build 1447 released on 05/13/2010 •Improved performance by 200% in navigating through the local software settings. •Improved upload performance. •Removed check for Windows server operating system so it will not work on all Windows versions. […]

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Safecopy Reviewed.

At a glance Product    SafeCopy    learn more  Summary SafeCopy is a newer cloud backup and storage provider that has some growing up to do before it can really compete with the more mature providers.                     Pros Easy setup Cost effectivenes  Decent web interface    Good sharing model  Backing up of Multiple computers on a single […]

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Safecopy backup

This article is going to provide some information that will help the reader take a closer look at the services sold by Safecopy backup. This type of online storage company is growing a great deal in popularity. This is because the current needs of  PC owners require the storage of amounts of data. Each storage […]

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Safecopy online backup

Safecopy backup is an online backup service. Individuals and businesses use this service to keep all of their digital data backed up. The files are uploaded and backed up one time, encrypted, and then automatically updated as necessary, all to protect important data. Additionally, only the user  is able to gain access to his or her files […]

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Safecopy Backup

Safecopy brings  real competition to the online backup market. This is a backup service with  Good, reliable support and with numerous backup and restore options. Safecopy is probably one of the better deals in the online backup market. Want to use your iPhone to restore the files on your PC ? Want to share files […]

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SafeCopy Backup overview

SafeCopy is software for online backup of your files, pictures, and emails.This backup service helps by endlessly backing up your documents folder so you do not need to troubled regarding  backing up or sync your crucial files. How much does it cost? Their basic package is $50/year for 200GB. That is a huge amount of […]

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SafeCopy-3Gb of Automatic Backup Solution, Accessible Anywhere

Post by: Trevor Dobrygoski in Safecopy We here at Make Tech Easier have talked about many backup options. Each one has their merits and is well worth  looking into. Depending on your needs, one may be better than another. That being said, SafeCopy is another automatic backup option for your Windows or Apple machine. The […]

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