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SugarSync is simply the best solution for syncing files between multiple computers.  If you use more than one computer and want access to your files with local hard drive speeds to the most current version of your files no matter which computer you are using, then pick SugarSync.

For backup only, SugarSync is more expensive per GB of storage.  However there is an elegant photo gallery sharing or the ability to sync specific folders to a friend or co-worker, then SugarSync is the best.

SugarSync also has a business plan designed for multiple users.  We will be providing a review soon, but in the meantime you can learn more on the SugarSync Website.

SugarSync Introduces New iPhone and iPad App

Fire up your iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches – A new iOS app is out and this isn’t your normal everyday update.

The new app provides  users with even greater access, control and sharing of files and folders, enabling increased productivity. With the update, SugarSync introduces several new features to make productivity of the personal cloud even greater and simpler, including:

  • Copy link to clipboard – Have you ever been responding to an email on your iPhone and iPad and realized that you need to attach an important file?  Now you can grab a public link to ANY file in your SugarSync account, right from your iPhone or iPad. The person you’re sending the email to doesn’t need to be a SugarSync user to download it.
  • · A remote control for your computers – You’re used to being able to organize and manage your files and folders on your computer. Why not on the go? SugarSync for iOS now lets you copy, move and even delete files or folders.Don’t let this pass you.Just try it out.


2GB account is free forever.

30GB for $4.99/month or $49.99/year

60GB for $9.99/month or $99.99/year

100GB for $14.99/month or $149.99/year

250GB for $24.99/month or $249.99/year

500GB for $39.99/month or $399.99/year

SugarSync has a handy web interface, desktop application and also apps for several mobile clients like BlackBerry, iPhone and others. Logging into SugarSync.com displays all of the computers on your account, as well as available storage and other items. Just select one of the computers from the list to access those files. From the web interface, you can move, copy, share or download any of the files on your account. You also have an option to send files. Simply specify the email address you want to send the folder to, and SugarSync will email out a link (valid for 21days) so your file can be downloaded by whoever you send it to.

In addition to your synced computers, you also have the option to select your “Magic Briefcase,” your Mobile Photos and your Web Archive. Any files that you place in the Magic Briefcase are automatically synchronized with all the computers on your account. It’s a nice, simple tool for users who don’t want to take the time to manually select folders to Sync. All they need to do is drop them into the Briefcase and they are good to go. The Mobile Photos section is pretty self explanatory… these are the pictures that you have taken from your mobile phone, which we’ll discuss a little more later on in our SugarSync review.

SugarSync’s Web Archive is a place you can store files without synchronizing them to other computers. It’s basically just a storage vault, so you can copy something into your archive and safely delete it from your computer, knowing you still have a copy online. The desktop application offers pretty much all the functionality of the web client. When you first open the program you’ll see a list of the files on the computer you are currently viewing, as well as a list to the left containing icons for your Magic Briefcase, Web Archive, and etc.There are also convenient buttons for accessing the photo gallery, your online site and your shared folders. Sharing/sending files is also just as easy as it would be online – so the only time you really need the web interface is when you’re at a computer that doesn’t have SugarSync installed.

Hitting the “Manage Synced Folders” button gives you the opportunity to setup which folders you want to sync from this computer, and what specific folders they should each be synced to on each of the other computers. If you want to back something up, you can simply add it to SugarSync without connecting it to another folder on a different machine – this way it’s uploaded and updated in real time. The entire interface is extremely user friendly, but if organizing different folders is more work than you are interested in, you can always just use the Magic Briefcase as described earlier.

SugarSync offers several different price options depending on how much storage you need. Each plan includes a 30 day free trial, which is plenty of time to get comfortable with it before making any final decisions.Since you pay for how much storage you need, you will likely use it mainly for syncing specific folders and may also want a local backup to capture all your data.  For example, if you mainly work with 20GB of files, you can add those folders to SugarSync to have them while traveling, but then backup your entire 150GB of data to an external hard drive.

Video Test Drive

Word on the Street

Everyone we know that uses SugarSync love it.  It’s not something we typically recommend to people who are not very computer savy as you need to do a good job organizing your files to get the most out of it.  For the coffee shop free WIFI wanderers, this is on the short list of things to make your life easier.

visit the SugarSync website at www.sugarsync.com.


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MIkey June 27, 2011 at 8:36 am

For those interested in Sugarsync: You get 5GB of space with the FREE version, but now there is no restriction to the number of computers you can sync/backup (from 2). It gives you the ability to upload and sync any folder on your computer. It is the only service that offers such a broad device and OS support with apps for iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and WinMo. On the Free version the upload/download is faster than when reviewed :) Also if you use the below referral code you get 500MB extra on top of the Free 5GB or 10GB extra on any of the paid-for services!


Hope it helps someone.

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