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The best thing about SafeCopy backup is that you can use a single account to backup as many Mac and PC computers as you like.  So rather than having to purchase and manage an account per computer, you can just buy a single account.  For most people with more than one computer in the house, this is a very good thing.  SafeCopy has as simple approach where the client software is simply an agent to configure what you want to backup and then you can do everything through their web console.  This is nice for accessing, restoring and sharing your files even from a computer where SafeCopy is not installed.


Free 3GB account that never expires and has all the features of a paid account.  Paid accounts start 200GB  plans for $50 per year and 300GB for $70 per year.  They also have discounts if you purchase more than one year.

Obviously the pricing with multiple computers puts SafeCopy as the leader in low cost online backup for multiple computers. We love the ability to use a web browser or even mobile phone to search and access all the files across all the computers in the account. SafeCopy is also unique as they archive all files in your backup account without ever deleting anything automatically even if you remove it from your local computer. So if you want to remove it from your backup, you need to do it manually. SafeCopy will also maintain an unlimited number of prior versions of files so you can roll back to a previously saved version of that document if you like.

In the big picture, an online backup solution is not what consumes your bandwidth. In face it’s only a very small portion of your internet consumption, however it is the data which you can not replace…so be sure to backup!

Current Release

SafeCopy backup has upgraded from 2.0 to 3.0 for windows and changes in this version include:

Version 3.0 Build 1447 released on 05/13/2010

•Improved performance by 200% in navigating through the local software settings.

•Improved upload performance.

•Removed check for Windows server operating system so it will not work on all Windows versions.

•Added a visual overlay to Windows Explorer to graphically see the backup status of files and folders.

•Added an Invite feature to share SafeCopy with friends and get 500MB of free storage added to your account.


Video Test Drive

Word on the Street

SafeCopy has been in business since 2008 and unlike the VC funded big competition, they are privately funded and slowly building out their solution.  They have impressively implemented new features which often humble their larger competitors.  In our experience, SafeCopy appears to be a smaller team but offers some of the best support with online forums, instant chat and quick turn arounds on email.

Visit the SafeCopy website at www.safecopybackup.com.


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Clint March 3, 2011 at 3:57 am

I think I’ve used Safecopy for almost a year now, though i experienced minor problems shortly everything was normal. It’s a very good service I can recommend to anyone procrastinating for online backup. Their support is very handy. Keep it up guys.

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