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MozyHome is one of the original online backup services that was eventually bought by EMC Corporation, one of the largest suppliers of enterprise disk storage. They have the experience and base of users to be considered a solid offering for online backup.There are options you can adjust such as scheduling the backup and setting thresholds to not run if your computer is busy. Mozy offers lots of ways to get support. The online backup service, recently announced the availability of the Mozy mobile app for iPhone as well as other iOS devices such as iPad and iPod touch and the pending arrival of a similar app for Android mobile devices.











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Mozy offers a 2GB trial version to whoever wants to give the back service a spin.An other other hand,the pricing involves both higher prices and fixed storage limits.This dependse on how you use the service, the revised options could cost you a little more or a lot more or might save you money.

Here are the details:
Under the new plan, you can back up 50GB on one computer for $US5.99/month, or 125GB on up to three computers for $US9.99/month.An additional 20GB of storage to the 125GB account for $US2/month per 20GB, so we’re talking an extra $US10/month for an additional 100GB.


Security is one of the two categories where Mozy gets a perfect score. Now remember that doesn’t guarantee anything because no security measures are infallible. But having said that, this service has one of the most secure and well-thought-out data storage systems we’ve seen in online storage services. There are multiple levels of security and encryption.

Your account is password protected, and whenever data is transferred, Mozy uses 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure it isn’t intercepted. While your files are in storage, this service also uses a 448-bit Blowfish encryption to prevent someone from getting your data if the M servers were to be breached somehow. If you use the MozyPro service (which is designed more for enterprise use) you can even manage your own encryption key using military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Obviously, this would be way too complicated for the average user, but if you want it the option is still there.

This service also does a good job of detecting which files have been altered since they were last backed up so you know that the version stored in your Mozy account is the most recent.They have the option to restore via the web, in-client which is in otherwards software as well as having a DVD’s shipped to the customer.

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With all Mozy products, after the initial backup, Mozy only backs up new or changed portions of files. Backups can take place when the computer is not in use, either automatically, and at scheduled times. All user data is encrypted locally with military-grade encryption prior to transfer via a 128-bit  for mainly an enterprise connection. Users can choose a managed encryption key or choose a personal key for added security.

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