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Simple backup and elegant restore process.  Backblaze automatically backs up ALL the data on your computer making the configuration much easier that other services where you have to pick which folders to backup.  Favorite restore process with instant web download or they will mail you a DVD or USB hard drive for an additional fee.  Backs up any local drives including external USB and flash disks, but not network drives. Continuous backup is recommended but you can change to scheduled or on demand.
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Backblaze launches: Locate My Computer

There are many causes of data loss, but a lost or stolen computer has been a guaranteed reason to need Backblaze to recover data. Unfortunately, with some exceptions, the computer itself was gone. A new feature of the Backblaze online backup service that shows you a map of your computer’s location. Now days people go through very painful moments when their disappears. This can be as a result of theft,disasters,hard drive crash, viruses that attack computers.
With the new locate my computer feature,Backblaze
  • Enables customers to accurately locate their computer on a map
  • Customers can get the ISP their computer is accessing
  • Customers can see the IP address the computer is using
  • The customers are also able to view the files being backed up
Locat my computer is free and available for all Backblaze customers.


Backblaze charges $5 per month per computer for unlimited backup of that computer.  It’s very simple and yes every computer is $5 per month no matter much or little data you have to backup.
Backblaze has made a new release available and all users are scheduled to be automatically upgraded over the next two weeks. Below are the enhancements in this release:
Release Date: 3/30/11
Version: 1.5.2
Auto-Update: All Users
• Enabled quick scan of large external drives so files appear quicker in restores (Win)
• Fixed label on “Set Private Encryption Key” button in dialog box fixed (Win)
• Enabled scrollbar in “Transfer Backup State” dialog for customers with more than 16 computers (Win)
• Added exclusions for Office 2011 temporary files (Mac)
• Added launch of Backblaze menu icon when toggle hide/show icon (Mac)
• Added exclusion for OSX 10.4 to no longer auto-update (Mac)
Backblaze also announced that they have developed a Restore Downloader app for Windows and Mac to help people download larger restore files using their web browser. This is a welcome feature to help people with downloading their restores. Browsers have never been very good at downloading large files so this will definitely help people that need to restore a large number of files after a hard drive failure or other problem. Of course if you need to download hundreds of GB’s you might want to order a USB hard drive or DVD restore. It costs a little more but it will be much faster to restore from in the event you do not have a local backup.

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Word on the Street
Backblaze users seem emotionally involved in this relationship.  While spending time in the online backup community reading blog posts, watching the Twitter steam, there is no doubt that Backblaze users are truly fans.  Most people have somewhat of a utilitarian relationship with their backup tools and remain loyal only while it suits them and abandon to another option later without much remorse.
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Mark Jacobs February 14, 2011 at 12:16 am

For a home network system, the fact that it doesn’t sync my computers isn’t a problem. I sync them on my home file server. The file sever drives are on the computer which is backed up on backblaze. That way I can back up all my computers with 1 backblaze account.

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