Dropbox + SafeCopy = Great Backup and Sync

The fact that you have to have backups for your files and data, especially if they’re important ones, is beyond question. But what is the safest and most convenient way of backing up your data? Online backuphas seen a tremendous increase in popularity and for good reason. It is so interesting how well SafeCopy and [...]

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Mozypro gets Mobile app

Mozy iPhone app is now available for MozyPro customers on either the iOS or Android mobile platforms. As with the previous Mozy mobile app releases for MozyHome customers, MozyPro users can now access their Mozy backed up files from their mobile device. Additionally, they can download the file and use it with other iOS or [...]

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SugarSync Improves BlackBerry App

SugarSync is a service that lets people sync all of their data to a cloud. It is great for backing up your files or sharing them with your friends, famil y, or coworkers. With great mobile solutions, SugarSync allows you to use your smartphone to view and upload files to the cloud. The application is [...]

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SugarSync for Travelers: A “Personal Cloud” Solution for both Work and Play

Whether it’s keeping yourself organized with travel plans, staying in Sync with work while on the road, or instantly sharing and saving photos from the family vacation,SugarSync is a useful tool for travelers. Here are some tips for making the most of SugarSync features while on the road: Tools for the Connected Traveler: • Online [...]

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Backblaze launches: Locate My Computer

There are many causes of data loss, but a lost or stolen computer has been a guaranteed reason to need Backblaze to recover data. Unfortunately, with some exceptions, the computer itself was gone. A new feature of the Backblaze online backup service that shows you a map of your computer’s location. Now days people go [...]

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SafeCopy backup releases 3.0 for Windows

Current Release SafeCopy backup has upgraded from 2.0 to 3.0 for windows and changes in this version include: Version 3.0 Build 1447 released on 05/13/2010 •Improved performance by 200% in navigating through the local software settings. •Improved upload performance. •Removed check for Windows server operating system so it will not work on all Windows versions. [...]

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Backblaze Release 1.5.2

You never know when disaster is going to strike. Everything could be working great before lunch, come back from lunch and your computer hard drive might have died. Of course in a perfect world you will have a local backup to restore from the day before. That will restore all of your files except for [...]

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Sugarsync 15% discount

Limited time offer from Sugarsync where any upgrade or new personal account is 15% off. Access All Your Files Anywhere, Anytime! Get 15% Off any Subscription at SugarSync.com One of the perks of having a SugarSync account is that you can easily share files and folders with anyone you want. Whether you want to share [...]

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Mozy 15% discount in May

Mozy has been rolling out some new mobile apps giving you access to your backup files while on the go.  For the month of May you can save 15% with ANDROID discount code. Here are two Mozy 15% off coupon codes.Check them out. Coupon Code : Hop – Gets you 15% Off MozyHome Coupon code [...]

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SugarSync Introduces New iPhone and iPad App

Post by Rick Pal Hey everyone! Fire up your iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches – our new iOS app is out and this isn’t your normal everyday update. We stocked this baby to the brim with improvements you’ve requested, so much so that you need even less of a reason to ever be in front [...]

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