Backblaze launches: Locate My Computer

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There are many causes of data loss, but a lost or stolen computer has been a guaranteed reason to need Backblaze to recover data. Unfortunately, with some exceptions, the computer itself was gone. A new feature of the Backblaze online backup service that shows you a map of your computer’s location. Now days people go through very painful moments when their crucial files disappear.This can be as a result of theft, disasters, hard drive crash, viruses that attack computers.

With the new locate my computer feature Backblaze;

  • Enables customers to accurately locate their computer on a map
  • Customers can get the ISP their computer is accessing
  • Customers can see the IP address the computer is using
  • And the customers are also able to view the files being backed up
Locate My Computer is available immediately and is free to all Backblaze customers. Mapping is enabled for new users.
Users with existing accounts can “Turn On” mapping. To turn mapping on or off, sign-in and visit the Locate My Computer page.
With today’s launch, I think the slogan will be, “Don’t steal computers from people who use backblaze”
Therefore,Backblaze can recover your data and also get your computer back.


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